Thanks to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification, which INDUSTRIALBOX has renewed this year as well, the company is entitled to use the FSC trademark and sell all related products as ‘FSC certified’.

What is the FSC certification?

The FSC certification is an international, independent, third-party certification relating to the forestry sector and products – both wood and non-wood – derived from forests. This certification can only be issued by FSC-accredited certification bodies and provides a reliable indication of the responsible and economically sustainable use of forest resources.

Industrialbox cares about forest management and is fully aware that it is responsible (as every company is) for protecting the planet we live on, which is why it has deliberately decided – for years now – to apply for this certification, as a symbol not only of the high quality of our work, but also of a corporate vision that strives for a long-term sustainable economy.