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This disclosure, pursuant to art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (hereinafter, the “Personal Data Protection Code”), describes the management methods of this website owned by INDUSTRIAL PACK s.r.l., with registered office in Argelato (BO), Via della Tecnica 20, P.Iva IIT03764581207, tel. +39 051 6630851  info@industrialpack.it , web https://www.industrialpack.it

with regard to the processing of the personal data of users of the website, also pursuant to the provisions of the Measure of the Italian Data Protection Authority of 8.05.2014 “Simplified Arrangements to Provide Information and Obtain Consent Regarding Cookies” (hereinafter, the “Measure”).

This disclosure is provided only for the website mentioned above, not for other websites or sections/pages/areas owned by third parties that may be viewed by the user through specific links on this website.


1.1. Browsing data

During their normal operation, the IT systems and applications dedicated to operating this website acquire certain personal data, whose transmission is implicit in the use of internet communications protocols.

This information is not collected for the purpose of being associated with identified data subjects, but, due to its nature, could make it possible, through processing and association with data held by third parties, to identify users that connect to the site. The data collected include the IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by users, the URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file received in response, the numeric code indicating the status of the server response (success, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the user’s operating system and IT environment.

These data are processed for the period of time necessary to achieve the purpose for which they are collected, for the sole purpose of gathering anonymous statistical information on the use of the site (accesses) and to check that it is operating correctly.

The data may be used to ascertain liability in the event of possible computer crimes that harm the site.

1.2. Data provided voluntarily by users

Where users of this site are requested to provide their personal data in order to access specific services, specific, detailed Disclosure on the processing pursuant to art. 13 of the Personal Data Protection Code shall be issued on the pages relating to the individual services, specifying the limits, purposes and methods of the processing.

1.3. Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites you visit send to your device (usually to your browser), where they are saved so that that device can be recognised on your subsequent visit. On each subsequent visit, the cookies are transmitted back by the user’s device to the site.

Each cookie generally contains: the name of the server that sent the cookie; the expiration and a value, usually a unique number generated randomly by the computer. The server of the website transferring the cookie uses this number to recognise you when you return to a site or move from one page to another.

Cookies can be installed not only by the operator of the site you visit (first party cookies), but also by other sites that install cookies through the first site (third party cookies) and are capable of recognising them. This occurs because the site you visit may contain elements (images, maps, sounds, links to web pages on other domains, etc.) that reside on servers other than that of the site you are visiting.

Based on the purposes, cookies are divided into technical cookies and profiling cookies.

Technical cookies are those used exclusively with a view to “carrying out the transmission of a communication on an electronic communications network, or insofar as this is strictly necessary to the provider of an information society service that has been explicitly requested by the contracting party or user to provide the said service” (see art. 122, paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Protection Code, as amended by Italian Legislative Decree 69/2012). Specifically, those cookies are generally used to enable efficient browsing among web pages, to save user preferences (language, country, etc.), carry out IT authentication, manage shopping carts or enable online purchases, etc. Some of these cookies (known as essential or strictly necessary cookies) enable functions without which certain operations would be impossible. Pursuant to said art. 122, paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Protection Code, user consent is not required to use technical cookies.

Analytics cookies, which can be equated to technical cookies insofar as they are used directly by the site manager to collect aggregate information on the number of users and the pattern of visits to the website. Those cookies enable owners and/or managers of websites to understand how users interact with the content of the site in order to optimise the site.

Profiling cookies are used to track the users’ browsing, analyse their behaviour for marketing purposes and create profiles of their tastes, habits, choices, etc. in order to send targeted advertising messages in relation to the users’ interests and in line with the users’ preferences demonstrated in their online browsing. Those cookies may be installed on the user’s terminal only if the user has expressly provided his or her consent via the simplified methods indicated in the Measure.

Based on their duration, cookies are either persistent, which continue to be stored on the user’s device until their expiration, unless they are deleted by the user, and session cookies, which are not permanently stored on the user’s device and disappear when the browser is closed.

What cookies are used on this site?

  1. Technical cookies

This site uses technical cookies, installed by the site to monitor the operation of the site and ensure efficient browsing on the site.

For each technical cookie that may be used, the name, purpose and type/duration are listed below.

NAME                                     PURPOSE                                          TYPE/DURATION

frontend                                  session cookie                                    End of browser session

store                                       language preference cookies             1 year

external_no_cache                  cache management cookies               End of browser session

adminhtml                                session cookies for the admin panel    4 hours

cart                                          shopping cart cookies                         1 year

category_info                          category cookies                                 1 year

compare                                  cookies for product comparisons         1 year

currency                                  currency preference cookies              1 year

customer                                 encrypted cookies for customer management             1 year

customer_auth                        encrypted cookies for customer management             1 year

customer_info                         encrypted cookies for customer management             1 year

customer_segment_ids           encrypted cookies for customer management             1 year

guest-view                              cookies for guest users                                                          1 year

last_category                           last category cookies                          1 year

last_product                            last product visited cookies                 1 year

newmessage                           new message indicator cookies          1 year

no_cache                                cash management cookies                 1 year

persistent_shopping_cart        shopping cart history cookies              1 year

poll                                          poll cookies                                         1 year

polln                                        poll cookies                                         1 year

recentlycompared                   cookies for recently compared products                     1 year

stf                                           cookies for suggested products                                  1 year

user_allowed_save_cookie     preference cookies                             1 year

viewed_product_ids                last product viewed cookies                            1 year

wishlist                                    most viewed products cookies                        1 year

wishlist_cnt                             cookies for no. of products on wishlist             1 year

The above cookies cannot be disabled using the functions of this website. You can disable them through the settings on your browser at any time (through the methods indicated below). If you disable them, it may prevent you from the optimal use of certain areas of this site.

  1. Performance and analytics cookies

Analytics cookies are also used to statistically analyse the traffic on the site, count accesses or visits to the site and enable the owner, also by estimating numbers and consumption models to improve the structure and browsing and content logics, to adapt the site to users’ interests, to speed up searches, etc.

For each analytics cookie used, the name, purpose and type/duration and origin are listed below.

NAME  PURPOSE                               TYPE/DURATION                               ORIGIN


Collecting statistical information on how the site is used by users, specifically: how many return and where they came from, how many found the site through search engines, how many directly entered our URL, how many pages they visited, etc.

For more information on the Google Analytics service, see http://www.google.it/analytics e https://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html?hl=it

_ga                              2 years

_gat                             10 minutes

__utma                        2 years from set/update

__utmt                         10 minutes

__utmb                        30 mins from set/update

__utmc                        End of browser session

__utmz                        6 months from set/update

__utmv                        2 years from set/update

__utmx                        18 months

__utmxx                      18 months


Collecting statistical information on how the site is used by users, specifically: how many return and where they came from, how many found the site through search engines, how many directly entered our URL, how many pages they visited, etc.

psmstats.com by Piwik

for more information on the Piwik service, see http://piwik.org/privacy/

_pk_id.            2 years from set/update

_pk_ses.         End of browser session

_pk_ref.           6 months from set/update

_pk_cvar.        End of browser session


  1. Profiling cookies.

Third party profiling cookies

While browsing this site, you may receive profiling cookies installed on your terminal, managed by third parties, for the purpose of sending advertising messages in line with your preferences indicated while browsing the internet. This occurs because, as indicated above, the site may contain elements that reside on servers other than the server of the site you are visiting. Where third parties set up cookies while you are visiting this site, they obtain information on the fact that you visited the site. More information on the use of cookies is available on the third party’s site, at the link indicated below. If you refuse to consent to the use of third-party profiling cookies, this will not interfere with your ability to access the site.

The name of the third-party cookies that could be installed by third parties through the site, their purpose, name of the third party and link to the third party’s site are shown below.

Purpose          Third Party
Link to the site where the third-party privacy disclosure is located

Facebook uses cookies for various reasons, for example, to display the most pertinent content and advertisements, to improve services and guarantee the security of the Services.      Facebook
For information and to manage your preferences










Tripadvisor uses cookies to understand how users use their services and how to improve these services.
For information and to manage your preferences http://www.tripadvisor.it/pages/privacy.html









Twitter uses these technologies to provide, assess and improve various aspects of its services.


For information and to manage your preferences: https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170519-uso-dei-cookie-e-di-altre-tecnologie-simili-da-parte-di-twitter














Google uses cookies to post advertisements based on your previous visits to this website.


For information on how to opt out of cookies from Google, see the Google Ad Settings page at the URL http://www.google.com/settings/ads.

Otherwise, see the opt out page of the Network Advertising Initiative http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp

If you wish to block the installation of Google Analytics cookies on your device, you can download from https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout and install the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on, developed by Google, following the instructions provided at that URL.























Add This uses cookies to improve the quality of the site and provide targeted, pertinent advertisements.

Add This

For information and to manage your preferences
























HolidayCheck uses third party AdServers to post advertisements on the Site.           Holiday Check For information and to manage your preferences






Linkedin uses cookies to offer advertisements on LinkedIn and on other websites, and to offer functions personalised for the user through the LinkedIn plugin, such as the “Share” button     Linkedin

For information and to manage your preferences: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/cookie-policy?trk=hp-cookie


Youtube uses cookies also when users interact with services offered by its partners, for example, advertising services or functions of Google (the owner of Youtube), which could be displayed on other sites.
For information and to manage your preferences



Meteo.it (Mediaset) uses this type of information for statistical purposes, to assist in improving the services offered to its users.
For information and to manage your preferences










Cookies are used to improve the User’s overall browsing experience and to present targeted advertisements based on the interests and behaviour demonstrated by the User while browsing.


For information and to manage your preferences

Wildix Privacy & Cookie Policy



Zopim uses cookies to display personalised content and suitable advertisements in the Service and in the user’s subsequent visits.


For information and to manage your preferences






Soundcloud.com uses cookies to post advertisements based on your previous visits to this website.


For information and to manage your preferences











Shinystat uses cookies to transmit the session IDs needed to ensure a secure, efficient browsing experience on the website.
shinystat.com  For information and to manage your preferences




Not that, in any case, you can manage your preferences regarding online behavioural advertising using the website www.youronlinechoices.com, which lists the main providers of behavioural advertising.  Using that site, you can disable or enable all companies, or select your preferences individually for each company.

How do I disable cookies?

By default, almost all web browsers are set up to automatically opt-in to cookies. However, you can change this predefined setting, using your browser settings. However, if you disable/block cookies or delete them, it may prevent you from the optimal use of certain areas of this site, prevent you from using certain services, and make browsing slower.

The configuration of cookie management depends on which browser you use. Usually, you can configure cookies from the “Preferences”, “Tools” or “Options” menu.

Links to the guides for managing cookies on the main browsers are shown below:

Internet Explorer: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/278835

Internet Explorer [mobile version]: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/how-to/wp7/web/changing-privacy-and-other-browser-settings

Chrome: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en-GB&answer=95647

Safari: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=Safari/5.0/en/9277.html

Safari [mobile version]: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1677

Firefox: http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Enabling%20and%20disabling%20cookies

Android: http://support.google.com/mobile/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=169022


Personal data is processed using automated methods (for example, using electronic procedures and media) and/or manual methods (for example, on hard copies) for the period of time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data was collected and, in any event, in compliance with the current regulations in force on the matter.


The Controller is INDUSTRIAL PACK s.r.l., with registered office in Argelato (BO), Via della Tecnica 20, P.Iva IIT03764581207, tel. +39 051 6630851  info@industrialpack.it , web https://www.industrialpack.it


The data subjects that the personal data refers to have the right, at any time, to obtain confirmation of whether said data exists, be informed of the content and origin of the data, verify its correctness and request the addition or update to such data, or the correction pursuant to art. 7 of the Personal Data Protection Code. The same article provides data subjects with the right to request the deletion, the conversion into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in breach of the law, as well as to object, in any case, to the processing, on legitimate grounds.

For all information regarding data processing, as well as to exercise your rights pursuant to art. 7 of the Personal Data Protection Code, you can also send a specific request (by email) to the addresses indicated online on the Contacts page which can be reached from the footer of the site.